Roberto D’Antonio: the ‘gift of interpretation’ and the idea of beauty

Begin to Nepi, picturesque promontory of the Viterbo province, the story of a child who playfully combs hair dolls. At the age of sixteen he moved to Rome where natural dexterity in handling the hair, and the passion, make Roberto D’Antonio goes back on its feet without interruption up to earn the reputation of reference in the capital hairstylist. I reached him in Via dei Prefetti, in the historic center of Rome, one of those narrow streets between old buildings, a few steps from the Parliament. Later in his studio where he himself approaches the door and greets me with a smile. We sit facing one another in a simple gray parlor, made hospitable by a large tray of fresh grapes on the table. Around us a bustle of employees dedicated to customers ready to rely on his skill. Among them I see familiar faces reflected on the mirrors.



Here is the man often present in the media, interviewed many times, photographed on the set, in the backstage of the most important national and international events, sought after by prestigious exponents of the High Italian Fashion for their shows.


It ‘s a gentleman from doing gentle, calm tone of voice, the small frame. “She often works with actresses, models, celebrities: what is your relationship with the customer?” – I ask – “I love being behind the chair that represents a symbolic separation between me and the client. I do not impose anything, I stay in the shade but trying to satisfy her, to make her feel protagonist, the number one: do not need a red carpet to be, also the lady who lives ordinary everyday life, including family, work and friends should and can feel valued. “. “She feels more craftsman, for hairstyles that creates, or interpreter of the personality of those who rely?”. “I’m an interpreter. Being able to interpret is the deepest expression of my talent, I consider it a real gift, accompanied, of course, by the manual. I can not explain rationally what happens. They are like the artist who moves brush strokes creating shapes and colors on the canvas …, it does naturally.  Moreover, even my relationship with fashion and aesthetics is interior: I feel within me the change. Fashion is never the result of chance or a quirk, is the daughter of the story that the world is experiencing at the moment, paying attention to what is happening it is perceived and it becomes a universal phenomenon. Finally I make it subjective, suited to the personality of the client, not standardized. “.


“How do you manage the trust you bestow?” “With freedom, modesty, high availability, offering no impositions. I leave such freedom to the customer to accommodate it up to push me sometimes in bad taste, in gaudy: there isn’t Roberto D’Antonio brand, for me the important thing is to make her feel good. “. “You want to give some advice to his customers?” “Dare always, do not limit your imagination, diversifying to have fun, to experience moments of joy, even with the hairstyle of an evening, even half an hour … I would like you perceive that this’ that appears is not the true elegance, the real beauty, those are qualities of the heart, like humility that I try to cultivate, always. “. The hairstylist Roberto D’Antonio, a lover of beauty in the image and soul.

Patrizia Indiano p.i.

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