Zoom Italy: Ingenuity and Made in Italy

MyPassionItaly stems from the desire to offer the world a insight to Italian arts, culture, science, industry, the economy and its products.

Through observation, it promotes expressive and creative paths that characterize the varied Italian regions and which offer unique art, craft, wine and food products.

MyPassionItaly is the carrier of a detailed guide for new entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises that choose  to develop commercial relationships with foreign countries, implementig the internationalization of their business activities.

MyPassionItaly.com is a sure ally in the global promotion of Italian Ingenuity and Made in Italy.

Patrizia Indiano p.i.

All rights reserved.


  1. Buckie says:

    That’s a smart way of thinking about it.

  2. mypassionitaly says:

    Thank you ! We’re proud of your approval.

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